Max Weber's Genteel Racism (was Re: weber)

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Strange! Isn' the subject title of this post "genteel racism"? . In the excerpt
posted from Brenner, however, there is zero _mentioning_ of  racism in the *body* of
the article! Can somebody detact it , since I could not?  Racism is categorically
absent in Brenner's analysis of capitalism! The man is RACISM BLIND. Contradiction
with the title of the post, me thinks.

Weber is an explicit racist! Brenner is a closet racist! Two sides of the same shit!

Continue to recommend Brenner, and mix and match him with others, my dear!
It is a very delicious vanilla Marxism!


> >In place of Weber's anachronistic "theory," I recommend >Robert
> >Brenner's & Ellen Wood's non-Eurocentric accounts of the >origin of
> >capitalism.  Brenner writes:
> *****   In England, as throughout most of western Europe, the
> peasantry were able by the mid-fifteenth century, through flight and
> resistance, definitively to break feudal controls over their mobility
> and to win full freedom.  Indeed, peasant tenants at this time were
> striving hard for full and essentially freehold control over their
> customary tenements, and were not far from achieving it.  The
> elimination of unfreedom meant the end of labour services and of
> arbitrary tallages.  Moreover, rent _per se_ (_redditus_) was fixed
> by custom, and subject to declining long-term value in the face of
> inflation.  There were in the long run, however, two major strategies
> available to the landlord to prevent the loss of the land to peasant
> freehold.
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