Sapir-Whorf Redux! (was Re: Max Weber's Genteel Racism)

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Wed Dec 6 12:43:52 MST 2000

>Come on Lou -- the number of academic degrees on marxism
>almost certainly outnumbers by far the number of degrees on
>lbo-talk, and probably equals at least the degrees on pen-l.
>And one of the striking traits of the Bolsheviks, which
>I hope this list emulates, was a really deep interest in the whole
>scope of human knowledge.

I am absolutely determined that this mailing list NOT look or sound like
PEN-L or LBO-Talk despite Yoshie's desire that it do so. Those lists are
decidedly USA-CENTRIC with 90 percent of the posts coming from people in
the USA. They are also characterized by concerns of first world countries.
This should be obvious to anybody who has spent any time reading Doug
Henwood's musings, who sets the tone for LBO-Talk with its endless palaver
about the US elections. I would also like to think that any post here would
be self-explanatory and not assume that a subscriber was up to speed on
Sapir-Whorf. I try to keep up with academic bullshit, but this is a new one
on me I have to admit.

Louis Proyect
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