Daniel Singer

Michael Yates mikey+ at SPAMpitt.edu
Wed Dec 6 12:52:40 MST 2000

I am saddened to hear of Daniel Singer's death.  I am proud to have
counted him as a friend.  He was a committed socialist and an excellent
journalist and writer.  His personal story is one of great tragedy, with
his father a "zek" imprisoned by Stalin and his mother's family wiped
out by the Nazis.  Yet he was an extremely kind and generous man.  When
I told him that students in one of my classes had enjoyed some chapters
from his last book (Whose Millennium? published by Monthly Review) and
that I had bragged that I knew the author, he responded that it was he
who was proud to count me as a friend.  I will miss him.

Michael Yates

Louis Proyect wrote:

> Jeanne  Singer    (née Kérel)
> sa famille, ses amis
> font part du décès de
>         Daniel SINGER
> Journaliste, écrivain, socialiste-luxemburgiste
>  survenu le 2 décembre  2000
>  L inhumation aura lieu le samedi 9 décembre,
>  au cimetière Montparnasse  à 11h30,
>  entrée principale au 3 bd Edgar Quinet
>  cet avis tient lieu de faire-part
>  ni fleurs, ni couronnes
>  dons à la Daniel Singer Millenium Prize Foundation
>     To-morrow the revolution will raise ahead again
>     Proclaiming to your horror amid a brass of trumpets:
>     I was, I am, I shall always be
>     Rosa Luxemburg (trad. en anglais)
> 13 rue de Bièvre, Paris 75005
> Louis Proyect
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