Max Weber's Genteel Racism (was Re: weber)

Charles Brown CharlesB at
Wed Dec 6 20:02:07 MST 2000

>>> furuhashi.1 at 12/06/00 09:12PM >>>
>CB: I think it was use of force and violence externally that made
>primitive accumulation on a global scale possible. Would have been
>difficult to accumulate globally by only doing things internal to

Enclosure + chattel slavery = primitive accumulation = the origin of
capitalism.  The rise & development of the dominance of instrumental
reason (the Benthamite part of "Freedom, Equality, Property, &
Bentham") are an effect, not the cause, of the capitalist ensemble of
social relations.


CB: Is instrumental reason what Weber termed "rationality" ?

Another word for "use of force and violence" would be "the state". The state was a
necessary condition for the primitive accumulation.  "Necessary condition" means "but
for cause" or without which not, sine qua non.

A sine qua non does not have to be a differentia specifica.

 ( We have all these Latin terms, rather than Swahili or whatever,  in English because
our language is some reflexion of  historical material continuity between Rome and
modern capitalism ; note this is sort of the reverse of a Whorf-Sapir paradigm. Our
language reflects the historical material connection)

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