Max Weber's Genteel Racism (was Re: weber)

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Thu Dec 7 07:33:19 MST 2000

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>It fascinates me that contingency leaves both you & Charles, Lou &
>Ricardo, etc., unhappy & unsatisfied, for all the differences in
>opinions on many other subjects.
>CB: It only leave me unsatisfied when you state it alone rather than
>as a dialectic of chance and necessity. There is not just
>contingency. There is contingency and necessity in history.

That should go without saying, between Marxists at least.


CB: Why is it that the presence of contingency does not go without saying , but the
presence of necessity does go without saying ?


_However_, stating that there is a dialectic of chance & necessity is
merely the point of departure, not the end of the debate.

More often than not, people (including many Marxists) see contingency
where they should see necessity and see necessity where they should
see contingency.  Ideological inversion redux.


CB: This might be in part because they are in unity and struggle as opposites.

The number of areas in which this issue comes up on these lists is not that large. It
is possible to be more specific in terms of the relevant cases of any ideological
inversion from this group of e-mail lists.

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