Replying to Marta was re: Holland: the new killing fields

Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at
Thu Dec 7 16:00:55 MST 2000


We are not going to agree on this one - ever I suspect.  You think I
projected my fears onto my mother.  That could be true, but aren't your
posts full of fears too?

My 85 year old friend  wants to move on.  She feels she has lived a full
life and longs to die and be with her mother.  For her death is only a
moment in the eternal. Hers is a Manichean philosophy where she deeply
desires her spirit to be freed from its bodily cage.

Of course she fears being dependent.  That is her choice.  There is no
shortage of people who would look after her, but she does not want that.

I think the research into K.'s patients proves little BTW.  Your reply to
Macdonald pain and death was exactly what my friends who believe in
the"sanctity of life" tell me.  To be frank I cannot see the superiority of
being dosed into semi-consciousness with morphine compared with choosing to

warm regards


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