Max Weber: the "Iron Cage" & the Commercialization Model

Yoshie Furuhashi furuhashi.1 at
Thu Dec 7 17:45:47 MST 2000

>  >Max Weber writes:
>>>"these peculiarities of Western capitalism have derived their
>>>significance in the last analysis only from their association with
>>>the organization of labour.
>>The problem, however, is _how_ free labor came into being.  That is
>>why Carrol & I asked folks to read Ellen Wood, _The Origin of
>>Capitalism_, NY: Monthly Review Press, 1999; _Democracy Against
>>Capitalism: Renewing Historical Materialism_, Cambridge: Cambridge
>>UP, 1995; etc.  Wood writes:
>Yoshie, I wouldn't waste time trying to change Max's mind. I was in the
>same class with him at the New School for Social Research way back when and
>he was as stubborn as a mule. If anything, he's probably gotten worse over
>the years.
>Louis Proyect

Yeah, I may be going overboard, but I'm as committed as my late
comrade Jim Blaut to the destruction of Eurocentrism.  I'd like to
carry on his legacy; though my method is not exactly the same as his,
I have learned much from his work & posts.  Besides, I feel I owe it
to him (though I can't explain why I feel this way).

Lots of intellectuals in the so-called West have been deeply
influenced by Max Weber.  They have sunk their intellectual capital
in his stock.  I intend to bring down Weber's stock.  (See my latest
post on the possessive investor in Weber.)


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