How Florida cleaned Blacks off its voting rolls

Lou Paulsen wwchi at
Thu Dec 7 23:12:18 MST 2000

Bob Herbert, New York Times:

"It turns out that the state of Florida is using a private
 company with close ties to the Republican Party to help
 "cleanse" the state's voter registration rolls. Would it
 surprise anyone anywhere to learn that the cleansing
 process somehow managed to improperly prevent large
 numbers of African-American voters from voting in the
 presidential election?

 Gregory Palast, a reporter with the online magazine
 Salon, has done a number of articles on this. He noted
 that the company, ChoicePoint, and its subsidiary,
 Database Technologies Inc. (DBT), came up with a
 "scrub list" of 173,000 names. These were the names of
 people registered to vote in Florida who, according to
 ChoicePoint, could be knocked off the rolls for one
 reason or another.

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