Active and passive euthanasia in capitalist health care

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True, Marta. There is also more than just Sweden. According to the article
I read on _Eugenics and Socialization Law in America_, the author was
arguing that 65,000 inmates of state institutions were sterilized in the
United States back to 1960s. And the justification was set as "improving
the mental health" of criminals.

If you have a chance,  you may want to visit the web page of _Mankind
Quarterly (a journal published by a Washington based think thank) to see
what kind of articles they publish there on socio-biology and eugenics.
These are the guys who are directly or indirectly  involved in a
government sponsored _Human Genome Project_.


Marta Russell wrote:

> --Emerging evidence makes it clear that eugenics is more deeply
> rooted in the world than previously thought. From 1935 until
> 1976, the democratic socialist government in Sweden sterilized
> 60,000 women to rid society of the "inferior," those with
> learning difficulties who were from "poor or mixed racial
> quality" not of Nordic stock.  Although the sterilization was
> called voluntary, victims reported that they were forced to agree
> or risk losing other children and benefits. The Swedish
> government 's rationale was doublefold, to improve the racial
> stock and to save the costs of providing welfare.
>         Following this revelation about eugenic history, the Finns
> confessed to sterilizing 11,000 people and to performing 4,000
> involuntary abortions between 1945 and 1970. The Danes admitted
> to having eugenic laws in effect before the Nazis through 1967
> and to the sterilization of about 11,000, more than half against
> their will. The Swiss conceded to compulsory sterilization of the
> mentally handicapped until the 1970s. While these nations
> condemned their past actions, Japan, which had eugenics laws on
> the books until 1996,  allowing doctors to sterilize 16,000
> physically and mentally disabled women without their consent,
> offered no apologies for its laws or actions.
> marta


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