A defense of NACLA

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el 8 Dec 00, a las 15:31, Macdonald Stainsby dijo (citando a otro!):

> > Rather than repeating the mantras of earlier days, the NACLA Report
> > has developed a tradition of radical and committed scholarly research,
> > presented in non-academic ways, of address to an actually-existing
> > capitalism (globalised, neo-liberalised, networked, complex) and the
> > actually-existing social movements in Latin America. It also makes room for
> > dialogue.
> >

Y continuó:

> This is how Post-modernists view themselves. They do this regularly: both
> castigating Marxists for being irrelevant and posing themselves as an
> alternative at the same time. If you don't weave beautifully poetic prose like
> this nonsense, you are treated like a fossil.


Yup, dear Mac. Protracted musings on "actually-existing capitalism (globalised,
neo-liberalised, networked, complex)" are, simply put, a determined drift away
from the almost obvious fact that there has never existed a moment in the
history of capitalism when plunder -and open genocide- in the Third World,
intensification of the rate of exploitation (even by means of the methods of
absolute surplus value extraction at the very core!), and an ever stronger
tendency of profits to be trimmed away were all combined in such an obvious-to-
whoever-wants-to-see manner.

And as to "actually-existing social movements in Latin America", whatever these
guys want to mean, it does not seem to mean a national liberation movement
under the hegemonic leadership of the working masses. Thus, it is anything but
a serious attempt at understanding our realities in order to revolutionize

Ah, University teachers who are still regretting their past and are not still
prepared to become obvious and open enemies of the working class!

But, hypocrisy is probably one of the most serious forms of violence exerted by
the ruling classes.

Oh, if we only had some Saint Justs and some _Comités de Santé Publique_!

Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
gorojovsky at arnet.com.ar

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