rationalisation and reification

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> I never did sociology beyond stage 2 papers (ie second-year undergraduate), but
> I was always struck - and still am, as a lot of my current friends have done
> sociology in recent years - at how consciously, and self-consciously, sociology
> attempts to discredit Marx.  It is a discipline which is fixated on Marx and
> destroying his impact, not so much by a full-frontal assault - as one often gets
> in 'economics' - but by the far worse, and more effective, method of chopping
> him into bits and 'incorporating' some of these bits, thereby obliterating the
> *revolutionary* heart of Marx and Marxism.

Is it a matter of chance that Fernando Henrique Cardoso, the Brazilian
president who represents the "actually existing imperialism", is a sociologist
who sometime in his past was fond to say that he was a Marxist?

> It also puts them in a better
> position to try to delude their students that sociology is 'value-free' and, by
> appearing even-handed, lets them attack the bits of Marx they find threatening
> (ie anti-capitalist).

Yes, and the request to have the totality in mind in the first place is the
first "bit" they munch and spite away.

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