Lenin & Gramsci contra Weber (was Re: Weber against Marx)

Yoshie Furuhashi furuhashi.1 at SPAMosu.edu
Sun Dec 10 11:15:16 MST 2000

Hi Xxxx:

>Yes, it was Marx actually. that is what happens when people try to
>teach the ABCs
>of Marxism on a marxism list serv to take the trouble of replying
>their fellows
>on non-marxist list servs.

Yes, normally I counsel against the repetition of the ABC of Marxism
here, but the idea of human beings as history-makers seems often
forgotten, and not just by Justin & other fans of Max Weber, the
Frankfurt School, etc.

For instance, are child prostitutes, women Maquiladora workers, etc.
_history-makers_?  If so, should Marxists represent them only as
passive victims, as they often do?

What of the disabled?  Those who like to have the "right to die"?
And so on.  And so forth.  Are they history-makers, too?  Do Marxists
treat them as such?  If not, there is a problem.


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