on the elections a final (?) query...

Jonathan Flanders jon_flanders at SPAMcompuserve.com
Sun Dec 10 13:32:52 MST 2000

<<I found myself hoping Gore would win. Why I wonder?>>


  Because all the most reactionary forces and the corporate media have
ganged up to defeat him.

 Because he was the "choice" of those working people who bothered to vote.

Because its a simple matter of democratic rights for working people and the
oppressed who were systematically denied access to the polls, before and
after the election.

 If he loses, which seems likely, we must point out the failures of the
Democrats, who did not take the high road from the start and demand a
state-wide recount, who refused to back popular mobilizations by the
African-American communities and labor, instead choosing a narrow
legalistic approach.

Jon Flanders

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