NACLA and Colombia

Carrol Cox cbcox at
Sun Dec 10 14:55:25 MST 2000

Nestor Miguel Gorojovsky wrote:

> b) This is the most important one. If I were living in the USA, I would not be
> caring as to what will happen in Colombia as a result from my opposition to US
> intervention. I would be caring as to what will happen in the USA and how will
> I be able to use this in order to overthrow capitalism there.

Yes. And that raises the subordinate but crucial questions of (a) explaining
how it is that such a large element in the u.s. left has always been so
obsessed with "caring as to what will happen in Colombia [Yugoslavia /
Vietnam / North Korea / ...]" and (b) how this tendency can be effectively

I have a tentative suggestion: what I call moralism. (Whether this is just a
general feature of liberalism or a more specific feature of u.s. history is
an independent question of some interest.) Yankee liberals (and all too
man leftists) are obsessed with having the "right view of things," and that
translates into an equal obsession with not even seeming to "favor"
anyone or anything that is "bad." Notice that most of those subscribers
to the marxism list who are no longer with us (either on their own
volition or being asked to leave) have been characterized by this
obsession not to be caught supporting some state or some individual
who is "not nice." [As illustration one can consider all those activists
in the anti-war movement who began in the '70s and '80s to apologize
as soon as they discovered that Vietnam was not a Garden of Eden.
I think in particular of Joan Baez, but there were many.]

I am not so sure (assuming for a minute that the preceding is accurate)
how this tendency, which operates strongly to support imperialism)
can be fought.


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