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Subject: Turkish Nazis murder in The Netherlands

> Turkish Nazis murder in The Netherlands
> On Saturday 9 dec. 2000, Turkish human rights activists held a hunger
> strike next to the town hall of Rotterdam, The Netherlands, to protest
> against torture of political prisoners in Turkey.
> They were attacked by a violent gang of "Gray Wolves", Turkish extreme
> Rightists, who stabbed to death one person and severely wounded another
> The Gray Wolves were founded by Colonel Türkes, an admirer of Adolf
> during the Second World War. They claim the "Turkish race" is supposedly
> superior to, e.g., Kurds. They have a record of violence in Turkey, The
> Netherlands, and many other countries. A week ago, Amsterdam police had
> found that Gray Wolves play a big role in narcotics traffic, and had
> illegal drugs and weapons at the Amsterdam Gray Wolves headquarters.
> Nevertheless, some authorities in The Netherlands subsidize or otherwise
> support Gray Wolves. One factor here is their common support of NATO.
> The Gray Wolves are in the Turkish coalition government, and are big
> supporters of NATO, e.g., during the 1999 Yugoslavia war; when leftist
> Turks and Kurds in The Netherlands helped to organize peace
> After the killing in Rotterdam, more supporters of the hunger strike
> rallied against the Nazis by surrounding the hunger strikers, to protect
> them from more Nazi violence. Sunday afternoon 10 December will be a
> demonstration to commemorate the person killed.
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