Lenin & Gramsci contra Weber (was Re: Weber against Marx)

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Sun Dec 10 16:33:16 MST 2000

Louis Proyect dijo:

> >> >For instance, are child prostitutes, women Maquiladora >workers, etc.
> >> >_history-makers_?  If so, should Marxists represent them >only as
> >> >passive victims, as they often do?
> >>
> >
> >yes, "autonomous marxists" argue the same. I don't think that Lenin would
> >agree with them though.
> >
> >
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> >I should mention that Doug Henwood defended NACLA against my critique sort
> of. He said that under the direction of new editor Debbie Nathan, it had
> become "smart" and "lively". Great. Next thing you'll see perfume ads. Only
> a day after he mentioned her name, did a bell ring. Debbie Nathan was the
> author of an infamous Nation Magazine article on maquiladora's that
> constitutes a key element of Henwoodism. She wrote that women had become
> liberated by working in the maquilas because the job not only gave them
> financial independence but sexual emancipation as well. This turns out to
> be their right to see male strippers after work in places like Guadalajara.
> What Nathan did not mention is that the maquiladoras had become a major
> scandal since psychopathic murderer-rapists had preyed on young women
> returning to their shacks on dark roads after a day at work. Nathan did not
> mention how supervisors were sexually exploiting these young women as
> welll. All that mattered to Henwood is that they were getting away from
> "rural idiocy". Some people should be prohibited by law from citing the
> >Communist Manifesto.
> >Louis Proyect
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You got me, comrade Lou.  This Autonomous Marxism bullshit is really dangerous,
not only disgustingly bourgeois! No wonder why Doug Henwood once wrote for the
liberterian leftist journal _Living Marxism_, given what you have described
above. By presenting child and women prostitutes as *resisting beings*,
aoutonomous crowd refutes the sex workers thesis that prostitutes are victims
of sexual abuse, violence and capitalist exploitation.  Here you have "active
agency" instead of exploited beings, which matches with the libertarian
conclusion of women having the right to sell their bodies!

Hey Gramsci! for what purposes are you abused? wake up from your grave yard and


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