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Just published is 'From Syndicalism to Trotskyism- Writings of Alfred and
Marguerite Rosmer'. This is Volume 7, no 4 of 'Revolutionary History'

 Alfred and Marguerite Rosmer are best known outside of their native France
 for their close friendship with Leon Trotsky, and for Alfred's vivid
 reminiscences of the early years of the Soviet republic in his 'Lenin's
 Moscow'. These however, were but two facets of their many decades of
 activity  as life-long revolutionairies. This issue presents for the first
 time to an English-language audience a wide selection of the Rosmers'
 writings, including articles and letters in respect of:

 * Building a revolutionary opposition within the French
    trade union movement

 * Maintaining an internationalist perspective during the First
   World War

 * Discussing the role of trade unions within the Communist

 * Dealing with the degeneration of the Soviet Union and the
   Communist Parties

 * Working with Trotsky to construct a revolutionary alternative to

 * Rejuvenating revolutionary politics after the Second World

 The journal is 252 pp. The cost is £6.95 plus p and p of £1.00.

 To order by credit card please send 2 e mails. The first with half the
 digits and the second with the remaining digits and the expiry date.

 Alternatively you can send a cheque for £7.95 made out to Socialist
 Ltd  to BCM 7646, London WC1N 3XX.

  It can also be purchased at Porcupine Bookcellar, 5 Caledonian Road,
 N1 (0207 837 4473) where a range of marxist publications are available.

 Our website can be found at  www.revolutionary-history.co.uk


  Barry Buitekant

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