Yoshie Furuhashi furuhashi.1 at
Sun Dec 10 21:01:47 MST 2000


>The only issue worth
>considering is whether the proletarianization of women in maquiladora
>conditions hastens the Mexican revolution.

I'm afraid you are falling into a left-communist error here.  Surely
"transitional demands" are of importance to Marxists who seek to
become the tribune of the oppressed.

>Bringing the struggle forward in time to the recent period, the maquilas in
>the northern part of the country have not been arenas of struggle, either
>for the woman's movement, the socialist movement, or the trade union
>The only political action taking place in the maquila zone is defense of
>the right to live and to be protected from rape, being led by a courageous

Have you been involved in any US-Mexico cross-border solidarity work?
Have you read any other article by Debbie Nathan than the _Nation_
article you mentioned (or have you even read it, aside from what you
heard from Doug)?  Anything written by David Bacon?  Heard of Han
Young workers' struggles in Tijuana?


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