Carrol Cox cbcox at
Mon Dec 11 07:58:02 MST 2000

Louis Proyect wrote:

> Yoshie:
> >I'm afraid you are falling into a left-communist error here.  Surely
> >"transitional demands" are of importance to Marxists who seek to
> >become the tribune of the oppressed.
> You obviously didn't understand my point, so let me make it as simple as I
> can. My argument is not with David Bacon, nor with the idea of attempting
> to organize trade unions in the maquila zone.
> It is instead an attack on the simplistic notion that transforming peasants
> into workers is a necessary step toward the socialist revolution.

Since no one is claiming that, arguing it is somewhat like arguing whether
the Homestead Act was essential to the growth of the U.S. working class.

The point about the Maquiladoras in the first instance is simply that
they exist.

Deal with it.

You have often lectured leftists on the hopelessness of running a
revolution from afar. That is what you seem to be doing now. You
are sending marching orders to the women of the Maquiladoras
to go back home where they belong.

I don't think they will listen to you. Even if that is what they
should do, they are not going to.

Marxist theory has nothing to do with it, except the general
injunction of any materialist theory to start off with reality
rather than with some ideal picture in one's head.

Look, Lou, you've made a serious mistake -- and one which
you of all people ought to be able to recognize, with your
long history of combatting dogmatism in respect to other
people's revolutions. Admit it. Read the material Yoshie
has provided. Get on with it.


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