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(Helen Safa, "Export Manufacturing, State Policy and Women Workers in
the Dominican Republic" in Global Production : The Apperel Industry In
the Pacific Rim, p 249).

"Juna Santana for example, sustained her family of three children on her
weekly salary (about $20), covering food, rent, and her expenses such as
transportation and lunch.. Juana's situtation was typical of  what many
women workers in the free trade zomes faced: low wages, poor working
conditions, lack of inexpensive and adequate child care, few job
alternatives, partners offering limited assistance or none at all.Export
manufacturers have shown a preference for wome workers because they are
cheaper to employ, less likely to unionize, and have greater patience
for the tedious, monotonous work employed in assembly operations. Most
of the women in the trade zones were young and had no previous work
experience,which increased their vulnarebility. In addtion, 78 percent
of the women were rural migrants, more than half were married, and one
fourth were female heads of household, who carried the heaviest
financial responsibility as principal or sole economic providers. Two
thirds of our sample had young children to support, increasing their
financial burden".

Minimum wage in selected Countries (Source: USITC, Annual Report on the
 Impact of the Carribean BAsin Economic Recovery Act on US industries
and consumers, sixth report, 1990, pub no, 3432, washington DC, 1991).

      Country                             US/hour ($)
      Aruba                                   2.86
      BAhamas                             2.20-3.00
      Trinidad and Tobago            2.14
      Netherland Antilles               1.18-3.08
      Antigua and BArbuda             1.10
      St Kitts and Nevis                  1.08
      Belize                                     0.87
      St Vincent                              0.76
      Dominica                               0.75
      Guatemale                             0.75
      Costa Rica                              0.71-0.84
      Panama                                  0.59-0.78
      Dominican REp                       0.50
      El Salvador                             0.50
      Grenada                                 0.48
      Haiti                                       0.39
      Guyana                                  0.38
      Honduras                                0.33
      Jamaica                                 0.27

      Female and Male Labor force Participasion Rates in the Dominican
      1960-1990 (National office of stats 1966, 1985, and in edited
tables from
      1970 census. 1990 figures from central bank of dominican rep,
survey of
      labor force, jan-march 1990).

                      1960            1970            1981

      Female          9.3             25.1            28.0

      Male            75.9            72.6            72.0

      Both            42.9            48.8            49.5


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