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Green Left Weekly

December 6, 2000 (#431)

South Africa's Left Discusses Way Forward

Green Left Weekly's MARINA CARMAN travelled to South Africa
in October and talked with a number of left activists about
their views on the way forward for the left. DALE MCKINLEY,
former chairperson of the Johannesburg Central branch of the
South African Communist Party (SACP), was expelled from the
party after he wrote articles critical of the ANC government's
policies and the role of SACP cabinet ministers in implementing
them. GEORGE DOR, from Johannesburg, is a key activist with the
Alternative Information and Development Centre which campaigns
against capitalist globalisation and for the cancellation of
South Africa's debts that were accumulated by the apartheid
regime. SALIM VALLY, from Johannesburg, is a leader of the
Workers Organisation for Socialist Action (WOSA). ANNA
WEEKES, from Cape Town, is media spokesperson for the
South African Municipal Workers Union (her comments
here represent her personal views, not those of SAMWU).
MAZIBUKO K. JARA, from Johannesburg, is the SACP's
media and publications officer. HEINRICH BOHMKE,
from Durban, is a prominent human rights lawyer:

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