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Hi Lou,

1) First,  let me say AHHH, to express my ignorance!  Is this Debbie
Natan an editor of the NACLA  report?  Frankly, this escaped my
attention.  So, it is clear that there is no reason for fellows on this
list to back up or excuse her views on maquiladoras.

2) I remember this when I was on pen-l. Besides the efficacy of
capitalism through free trade, Doug was also arguing that free trade
liberates third people by turning them into wage laborers. And,
unfortunately, he cites Marx to justify his humanist imperialism. Doug
briefly subscribes to the liberal view of political economy that trade
should be free among nations, suspecting the Marxian view that free
trade capitalism impoverishes third world nations rather than developing
them.  While *only* two of us raised the issue of Nike capitalists
beating Vietname working women, Doug boldly said, based on an
information gathered by his fellow traveler, that those women were still
better off than rural women working on  *rice fields*. It turned to be
that those women had to leave their villages under economic compulsion
and capitalist dislocation, not that they were happy with working under
Nike capitalists or sought emancipation.  For what better off in Nike
industry? beating, humiliation, sexual discrimination and gender
inequalities? Doug refuses to deal with Marx's argument that capitalist
transformation comes about by *force",  not as a result of natural laws
of free trade or ambiguous people seeking emancipation.

You have done a detective job again. Also add this his interview with
Susie Bright's view on prostitution  in his talk show-LBO!Yeahh! sexy
Susie!!! the woman of my dreams!

A hug


[Part of the problem is that when I said I objected to the views of Doug
Henwood, a Nation Magazine contributing editor, and Debbie Nathan,
editor of the NACLA Report, Yoshie posted a flurry of messages that
dealt with just about everything except what I was objecting to. Just to
make sure that there is no confusion, I tracked down some of what Doug
has written on
these questions that rankle me so. Of course, I realize that I am easily
rankled but with the aid of vintage wine and the company of a good
friend over the holidays, I might mellow out. Ah, probably not.]

1. Doug Henwood believes that NAFTA, as an expression of free trade,
"intensifies the conflict between bourgies and proles" [sic]. This was
when he found such distinctions meaningful, as opposed to new affinities
such as psychoanalysis and the postmodernly constructed "subject":


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