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> Committee for the Rescue and Development of Vieques
> P.O. Box 1424 Vieques, Puerto Rico 00765
> Tel. (787) 741-0716 Fax 741-0358 Email:
> bieke at coqui.net
> 6 December, 2000
> Press Release
> The Committee for the Rescue and Development of
> Vieques (CRDV) denounced the resumption of bombing
> yesterday (Wednesday) by the US Navy. Residents of
> Vieques complained early in the day of loud noises and
> vibrations felt in their homes. Navy ships were seen
> off the coast of Vieques beginning on Tuesday. The
> Navy did not announce these exercises fifteen days in
> advance, as stipulated in the 1983 Memo of
> Understanding between the PR Government and the Navy.
> Not until Tuesday afternoon did military officials
> place in the local Post Office the "Notification to
> fishermen and all other persons navigating in Vieques
> coastal waters," indicating the calendar of operations
> and the related imposed restrictions. According to the
> notification, the Navy practices present "a danger for
> people, fishing equipment and/or boats", and will
> extend through the ninth of December beginning early
> in the mornings until late at night.
> The Viequenses expressed their concern that as during
> the past maneuvers, the Navy will use live bombs.
> Vieques veterans (from Vietnam and Korea) who
> participated in civil disobedience actions during NATO
> exercises in October, confirmed the use of live bombs
> on that occasion. "Sixty years of abuse and lies from
> the Navy make it impossible to believe in the military
> here," said Robert Rabin, of the CRDV. "The people of
> Vieques and all sectors of Puerto Rican society have
> manifested their support for the immediate and
> permanent end of all military activity here, with live
> bombs or not live bombs," expressed Rabin. Several
> fishermen indicated they will go into the fishing
> areas to work and if necessary defy the Navy ships.
> Carlos Zenón, veteran activist in the struggle against
> the Navy here, informed yesterday that several
> fishermen entered the restricted zone during
> maneuvers, forcing the Navy ships to momentarily stop
> firing their canons.
> The bombing began again here during the same week that
> Navy officials attempt to coordinate a student
> interchange between Vieques and the school at the
> Roosevelt Roads Naval Station in the town of Ceiba.
> Recently, military official met with the
> Superintendent of Schools, Luis Bonano Casillas. Also
> this week, Navy officers together with the President
> of the New Progressive Party and mayoral candidate in
> recent elections, Juana Rivera Guishard, donated
> pianos for five schools here.
> Spokespeople for the CRDV denounced these 'donations'
> as hypocritical and dishonest, part of the Navy's
> public relations plan to try to improve their image
> among the community. "One day they are handing out
> pianos and the next day they bomb us. We are sick and
> tired of this 'wolf in sheep's clothing'. We denounce
> the position of Governor Pedro Roselló and Vieques
> Mayor, Manuela Santiago, in support of the continued
> use of Vieques for Navy exercises," stated Nilda
> Medina, spokeswoman for the Vieques Peace and Justice
> Camp.
> Contact: Nilda Medina (787) 741-0716

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