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Tue Dec 12 12:00:49 MST 2000

>As Carrol noted, nobody here is arguing for such a simplistic notion.
>Besides, it is not at all necessary to pooh-pooh Mexican women
>workers' ability to organize themselves in order to argue against

This is getting tedious. I posted a critique of Nathan and Henwood, which
prompted you to post a flurry of messages defending organizing the maquila
workers. Do you want to argue with me about the value of trade unions and
cross-border organizing? Okay, let me make you happy:

Trade unions are bourgeois institutions, just like the Democratic Party and
the Episcopalian Church. When I am driving around on my John Deere tractor,
I sometimes get so worked up over the idea of Jesse Jackson and John Sweeny
misleading the people that I want to throw a dynamite stick at the nearest
police station.

Louis Proyect
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