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Tue Dec 12 14:38:52 MST 2000

Doug wrote:
>Hey comrades. Just passing through with a couple of questions; I'll
>sign off when they're answered because I don't want to inhibit the
>development of a true Marxist intelligentsia.
>I just read this comment by the esteemed moderator of this list:
>"Probably all of us are familiar with Doug Henwood's renunciation of
>on the Internet."
>I'd be interested in knowing where I did this. I don't recall it. But
>my memory weakens as I age, so some documentary evidence might be

We have a different understanding of the word Marxism, Doug. From my
standpoint, anybody who preaches the merits of Judith Butler is no Marxist
but why should you care what I think.

Here you are, a Nation Magazine editor, best-selling Verso writer with
another book coming out shortly, publisher of a newsletter that's read by
10s of thousands of adoring fans, the host of a radio show, and frequent
interviewee in top-drawer publications like the Financial Times. Why would
you worry about what a mailing list of 310 old-line Marxists think?

It never bothered you when Bob Malecki called you a fake. It never bothered
you when the Radical Orange people called you a postmodernist (talk about
being ahead of their time.) Or when the Spartacist League wrote an 50,000
word attack on Wall Street? Relax, man. You have a brilliant career ahead
of you.

Louis Proyect
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