Yoshie Furuhashi furuhashi.1 at
Tue Dec 12 14:49:00 MST 2000


>We have a different understanding of the word Marxism, Doug. From my
>standpoint, anybody who preaches the merits of Judith Butler is no Marxist
>but why should you care what I think.

Well, I myself have criticized Judith Butler perhaps more often than
I should have on LBO-talk, probably to the chagrin of Doug, but, like
I said, I don't think we should draw "a line in the sand" on the
question of how to evaluate Butler, of all things!

>It never bothered you when Bob Malecki called you a fake. It never bothered
>you when the Radical Orange people called you a postmodernist (talk about
>being ahead of their time.)

One expects that from Malecki, Radical Oranges, etc.  We expect
better from you -- at least we have the right to.


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