"Marxist Intelligentsia" (was Re: Avoid Sectarianism & Opportunism)

Louis Proyect lnp3 at SPAMpanix.com
Tue Dec 12 14:52:54 MST 2000

>I doubt that you can foster the "Marxist intelligentsia" by waging a
>cyber-feud with Doug, etc.

Me too. But I never argued that I could.

>Those who hail from an authentically petit-bourgeois background like
>yourself -- :) -- should be careful not to fall for an odd love-hate
>relationship with "intelligentsia."

You're right. S&M turns me off.

>Manual laborers like my father, on the average, know much better how
>to appreciate the work of intellectuals without kowtowing before them
>than white-collar Marxists -- who tend to have a bizarre hang-up on
>the question of intellectuals -- do.  Politicized workers & peasants
>are neither pro-intellectualist nor anti-intellectualist.  They know
>how to size up those who have more book-learning than they do.  Trust

Trust, but verify--that's what I say. You know what my dad said, by the
way? "Gib mir nit kain einorah!"

Louis Proyect
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