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Tue Dec 12 15:05:14 MST 2000

>Well, I myself have criticized Judith Butler perhaps more often than
>I should have on LBO-talk, probably to the chagrin of Doug, but, like
>I said, I don't think we should draw "a line in the sand" on the
>question of how to evaluate Butler, of all things!

I do believe that you are reflecting alien class influences from LBO-Talk
despite your best intentions. My analysis is that Doug unconsciously
absorbs this stuff every time he shmoozes with some Wall Street takeover
artist and then you unconsciously reflect the alien class influences of the
takeover artist. Unconsciousness is the enemy of the proletariat! This is
also what Trotsky called a scratch turning into gangrene. If you two aren't
careful, you'll be going to the opera in spats and writing for National
Review next.

>One expects that from Malecki, Radical Oranges, etc.  We expect
>better from you -- at least we have the right to.

This are just oporttunist,s ideas.

Louis Proyect
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