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Tue Dec 12 15:12:32 MST 2000

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Back off and apologize.



CB: Maybe,

But the more I think of it, you are way off to go around promoting Brenner and Wood's
thesis on the origin of capitalism as the greatest thing since sliced bread,  because
what you report on what they say boils down to a one-sided, flat explanation , and
worse , a claim that the feudal ruling class smoothly turned itself into the main
source of the  new bourgeois ruling class , no muss no fuss, no "what is : struggle ".
 They seem to contradict Marx's thesis in a number of ways. Of course , someone will
jump up and say that's funky old dogmatic Marxism, but, hey we keep , uh , struggling.
Also, I get this feeling that Brenner and Wood push their thesis as Marxist, but I
haven't heard the defenders of B and W explicitly confront their thesis with Marx's
thesis. So, what is the Marxist purpose of opposing a "commericialization" thesis ?

I don't see where their approach helps in the effort to demonstrate that oppressed
forms of labor today are an inevitable result the laws of development of capitalism.

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