'A final comment before I write some more' or how I should be GeorgeBush's speechwriter was Re: Jose 's posts on the elections

Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at SPAMqut.edu.au
Tue Dec 12 15:44:49 MST 2000

I agree with you Lou about the quality and the importance of Jose's
posts.  They are full of the kind of enviably detailed knowledge that many
of us neglect though intellectual sloppiness.

In all probability in the time that it takes this post to reach the list,
the Supreme Court will have voted for Bush. That in itself is an impressive
display of the arrogance of the American ruling class.  They do not give a
damn and there are no forces in society to make them even hesitate.

What is most intriguing about the whole affair is how despite the
Democratic Party top and middle ranking leadership the struggle over the
vote has become something of a class struggle, mediated through racism of

Gore will come out with some "My President, my President" nonsense but the
hatred that the Republicans have stirred up will not be so readily dissipated.

Down here in Oz the sycophants of the Murdoch media have been eager for
over a month to trot out the usual rubbish about how the Free World has a
great new leader.  However one feels that something of the shine has been
taken off their cheer leading.



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