"The Whole is False" (was Re: St. Judy was Re: clarification)

Yoshie Furuhashi furuhashi.1 at SPAMosu.edu
Tue Dec 12 16:55:34 MST 2000

Lou Paulsen wrote:

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>From: Doug Henwood <dhenwood at panix.com>
>>As the man said, the whole is
>>the false.
>The sixth patriarch told his disciples, "Ryutan said, 'The whole is the
>false.'  I say, 'the whole is the true.'"
>Does the sixth patriarch have it, or does the well-known monk?  He
>ungraciously mocks the sixth patriarch, staging a puppet show where the
>puppet of one hand beats the puppet of the other.  Nonetheless, is the whole
>false?  Is the whole true?  After seventy-seven years of zazen, you may give
>Ryutan ten blows with a stick.

To say that "the whole is false" is to criticize _organicism_ that
treats individuals as merely disposable "members" of the "body
politic."  If the whole is true, what is wrong with counseling
euthanasia when disabled "members" impose "burdens" on the "whole" of
society under socialism?  What is wrong with forcing women to have
abortions if more babies create a "population problem" under
socialism?  I have & will argue against organicism for the dangers
that my rhetorical questions here are meant to highlight.

"The whole is false" is also a way of acknowledging inequality
between men and women, able-bodied & disabled individuals, GLBTs &
heterosexuals, whites & other races, etc. _even_ under socialism, to
say nothing of the contradictions among the working class under
capitalism.  Without acknowledging the problem first of all, we
cannot begin to solve it.


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