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Tue Dec 12 17:00:33 MST 2000

Yoshie Furuhashi wrote:

> >Lou:
> >  >I don't think they will listen to you. Even if that is what they
> >  >should do, they are not going to.
> >But I speak fluent Spanish.
> >Perhaps, it will help if you get involved into some solidarity >work
> >facilitating labor & other organizing in the Mexican Maquila >zone.
> >You can put your Spanish to good use.

First of all, Yoshie, let get straight. Sorry but, who the fuck you think you
are in questioning the political credentials of people like Lou on this list?
With what credentials and on what grounds are you *instructing* people here?
Can I ask?  Everybody knows that Lou is _involved_ in political organizing in
Central America as well as in leftist politics in the United States. I don't
think that he needs a graduate student to be instructed on what it means to be
politically organized in maquiladoras.  Have you ever involved in political
organizing in Central America, since you asked? Don't add this your student
campus activism at Ohio State.

> >The fact of the >matter is that
> >folks like Debbie Nathan, David Bacon, etc. are actually >engaged in
> >cross-border solidarity work with Mexican workers to the >south &
> >migrant & immigrant workers to the north of the US-Mexico >border,
> >while you do not appear to be.

It still does not click that Debbie Nathan is the editor of NACLA report, it

> >I have no argument with Yoshie, only the anti-Marxists she accomodates to.
> >I've had my share of disagreements with Doug, etc., but it >seems to
> >me to be a useless hyperbole to call Doug an "anti-Marxist" >& make
> >him out to be an "enemy of the people."

You are being nonsense again. I don't remember anyone calling Doug an "enemy of
the people". If you had bothered to read Lou's latest post on Doug's position
on free trade, you will see the major disagreements between the two clearly.
Did you read the post? Read it and deal with it.

> >Doug appears to me to be far
> >to the left of Ralph Nader & even David McReynolds, as far as >I can
> >see.  Can't you bring yourself to a position that Mark Jones >has
> >taken, for instance?  Here's Mark's remarks on Doug that >Mine
> >forwarded here a while ago:

Don't involve my and Mark's name in this stupid petty bourgeois sectarian game.
Do not ever attempt to present Mark here as a *generous* critic of Doug
Henwood, using his post against Lou. You are *so so* smart in dividing leftists
dude!! Read Mark  carefully when he says: "This is a great opportunity for
Henwood himself to find supporters and go forward to seek high office. He is in
tune with the movement and au fait with its MO and many of its leading figures;
and many respect him." Mark is more open than you are  about Doug.

> >*While I think that Doug is far too committed to being a >journalist to
> >develop

Which journalism for my sake? Don't you see that Doug called IMF reformer
Stiglitiz a "humanist reformer concerned with the third world poor? I do *not*
remember your criticism of Doug when he published that specific article on the
Nation magazine. Where were you when he was defending his article on marxism
list? You just preferred to shut up as you always shut up. Moreover, don't you
remember the disgustingly racist comment he made on pen-l "how long are we
gonna wait for the assimilation of Native Americans". How can you persistently
try to rescue this person? More importantly, why? If I did not know you,
frankly, I though  you were on a pay roll from Doug Henwod (and liberal
moralist feminists like Debbie Nathan, as a matter of fact).

> >the political ambition of the kind that Mark argues for,
> >Mark's post shows that, volatile as his temper sometimes is, >he's
> >fundamentally generous & large-minded.

Ohh! thanks for the authoritative instruction.

> >Marxists should avoid becoming narrow-minded, and it is >possible to
> >be _generous_ toward those with whom you disagree on >some questions
> >_without losing sight of differences & the need to clarify >them_.  In
> >short, eschew both sectarianism and opportunism.

You are being the most sectarian of all by  constantly attacking Lou on pen-l
(and here). Your groundless questioning of Lou's political activism is the best
evidence of your sectarianism at the moment. Here does matter so much, but i
would expect you to form a solidarity with Lou on non-marxists lists like
pen-l. Since you are a sectarian, personality wise, drown in all sorts of
theoretical abstractions, I am not surprised that only with 10 or 20 percent of
cases you agree with Lou on pen-l, while with others on the *majority* of

> >I've had disagreements with you, Mine, Mark, Doug, Gary, Phil, >Jose,
> Charles, Anthony, Michael (Hoover, Perelman, Yates, etc.), Jim
> >(Blaut, Devine, Farmelant, Heartfield, etc.), & other Marxists >(some
> >differences are huge, other differences are minuscule), but I >do not
> >think of them as enemies or anti-Marxists because of >various
> >disagreements.

Ahahahah! You are comparing Lou (Mark, Jim Blaut, other marxists) equally with
non-marxists like Doug Henwood. What kind of comparison is this? I wish you
added Clinton's advisor  Brad de Long's name to the list too, since he is on
Doug's list.. This is very much like putting Marx and Adam Smith in the same
basket and say "hey, folks, we have *minor* disagreements, but we agree and
love each other".  There is nothing I can say about your petty bourgeois
attitude of mixing and matching serious disagreements and melting them in the
same pot. Don't worry you can make a good vanilla marxism with your different

Guess what? Since you *agree* with everyone else, you cannot have a coherent
opinion of yours.

> >Yoshie
> >P.S.  Well, maybe in your mind, Mark is now "an enemy of the >people"
> >because he had some kind words for Ken Livingstone.

Mark has been far more critical of Doug, *more* so than you are.



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