"Marxist Intelligentsia" (was Re: Avoid Sectarianism &Opportunism)

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Tue Dec 12 17:11:22 MST 2000

Yoshie Furuhashi wrote:

> Lou:
> >Yoshie:
> >>You attribute _so much power_ to Doug (he should be very flattered by
> >>your compliment), but I don't think that he has a power to make or
> >>break the "Marxist intelligentsia"!
> >
> >No, not by himself. But in combination with the institutional power of
> >tenured professors, he certainly has certainly has the power to disorient
> >lots of good people. I see evidence of this all the time.
> >You still overestimate what little influence Doug Henwood, >tenured
> >professors, etc. collectively have today, even with all of them >put
> >together;

actually, with those remarks, you underestimate humanist imperalism.

> >Manual laborers like my father, on the average, know much >better how
> >to appreciate the work of intellectuals without kowtowing >before them
> >than white-collar Marxists

Did you lecture your father Kant/Sade as you lecture us here?



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