Avoid Sectarianism & Opportunism (was Re: victimology)

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Tue Dec 12 17:22:26 MST 2000

>disappear if and when we make a transition to socialism.  Observe the
>oppression of Albanian women in Kosovo, trapped in the old ways of
>rural patriarchy, before, during, & after Yugoslav market socialism.
>Urban women, be they Albanian or of other nationalities, fared much
>better than rural women under Yugo socialism, though they were not
>fully emancipated either.

There was a socialist revolution in Yugoslavia, but none in Mexico. You and
Doug really need to spend some time in Mexico and Central America, or at
least read Marxist or radical literature about the area.

Here are some recommendations:

1. Robinson-Norsworthy: David vs Goliath: the US War against Nicaragua
(very useful on social relations in the countryside.)
2. Rosset-Vandermeer: Nicaragua Reader: Unfinished Revolution
3. Carlos Vilas: Between Earthquakes and Volcano
4. George Black: Triumph of the People
5. Armstrong-Schenk: El Salvador: the Face of Revolution
6. Adolfo Gilly: Mexican Revolution 1910-1920
7. B. Traven: The Jungle Novels
8. John Womack: Zapata and the Mexican Revolution (dry but very useful)
9. John Mason Hart: Revolutionary Mexico
10. George Collier: Basta! Land and the Zapatista Rebellion in Chiapas

Louis Proyect
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