Petty bourgeois secterianism: Re: Avoid Sectarianism & Opportunism (was Re: victimology)

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Tue Dec 12 18:01:36 MST 2000

Yoshie Furuhashi wrote:

> >The market & wage labor do not & cannot allow human >beings to
> >experience full social emancipation.

Wow, I did not know this dude!

> >That said, without the emergence & development of >capitalism, there
> >would not have been any _movement_ for women's >emancipation, gay &
> >lesbian liberation, etc.

So without capitalism, there is no liberation. This is a  stagist position
charecteristic of mainstream modernization theory.  Doug must agree with you



> i>ndividuals
> >who would self-consciously identify themselves as "gay" or "lesbian"
> and fight for their rights & freedoms to be "gay" & "lesbian."  To
> recognize this fact, as John D'Emilio, Jeffrey Weeks, etc. do, is
> _not_ the same as arguing against the abolition of capitalism & the
> transition to socialism; nor does it equal "stagism."  Marxists
> should recognize contradictory aspects of any new development.  The
> destruction of some of the old ways -- parental & community control
> of young women -- is just one of such contradictory aspects, and we
> have to _make use of it for socialist organizing_.
> >In general I have a strong belief that the most deeply felt need of both
> >men and women of Mexico and Central America is to grow up and flourish in
> >their home villages.
> Capitalism & imperialism do not allow them to, and more women than
> ever have & will be drawn into wage labor.  We need to organize
> wherever the masses find themselves.  Migration may bring new
> miseries to migrant workers, whether they end up in Northern Mexico
> or the USA, but Marxists do not oppose migration for this reason.
> Marxists' job is to do what we can to bring about socialism, not to
> foster impossible nostalgia or to lecture women to go back to their
> home villages & flourish there.  The masses _cannot_ flourish under
> capitalism whether they remain in their hometowns or migrate to big
> cities.
> Yoshie


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