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Tue Dec 12 18:46:21 MST 2000

Carrol Cox wrote:

> >To begin with Yoshie and I wanted no more than
> >a simple acknowledgement of the truism that women
> >workers in the Maquiladora were human beings with
> >minds of their own. You inflated it into a major thread.

ohh! Lou did not know this dude! Women workers as *human beings*. I
thought they were a different species! What an impressive comment!!! I
am fucking impressed!

> >Back off and apologize.
> ><Carrol

Fucking irrelevant!

In fact, Yoshie should back up and apologize for her irresponsible
activities on this list --irrelevant cross posting, questioning people's
credentials and linening herself up with non-marxists. Evidently you are
part of this fucking game  too.
Whay don't you back up and apologize?



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