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> To say that "the whole is false" is to criticize _organicism_ that
> treats individuals as merely disposable "members" of the "body
> politic."  If the whole is true, what is wrong with counseling
> euthanasia when disabled "members" impose "burdens" on the "whole" of
> society under socialism?  What is wrong with forcing women to have
> abortions if more babies create a "population problem" under
> socialism?  I have & will argue against organicism for the dangers
> that my rhetorical questions here are meant to highlight.
> "The whole is false" is also a way of acknowledging inequality
> between men and women, able-bodied & disabled individuals, GLBTs &
> heterosexuals, whites & other races, etc. _even_ under socialism, to
> say nothing of the contradictions among the working class under
> capitalism.  Without acknowledging the problem first of all, we
> cannot begin to solve it.
> Yoshie


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