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Tue Dec 12 19:42:15 MST 2000

>BTW 2: As I told Lou in New York in October, I thought Doug Henwood's plenary
>talk at the Rethinking Marxism conference (which Lou kindly posted) was a
>send-up of the post-moderns. I look forward to reading it in Rethinking
>It's better than most of the stuff in that mag.

Indubitably. I have been a subscriber to Doug Henwood's newsletter since
the late 1980s and even recommended "Wall Street" to Xxxx as a good
introduction to finance. He also has a tip-top radio show. This is the
public, print-oriented Henwood.

On the other hand, his Internet utterances are worse than useless. On these
email lists he is a vacillating intellectual snob who doesn't have the guts
to stand up to criticism during a debate. Today's performance was classic
cyberspace Henwood. After announcing that he was feeling "pissy", he
declined to even defend his analysis of NAFTA, one that I doubt ever showed
up in print.

Louis Proyect
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