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Yoshie Furuhashi furuhashi.1 at
Tue Dec 12 22:52:03 MST 2000


>I would make this public appeal now to Yoshie to quarantine off her
>material from other lists.

In this debate, however, I have neither cross-posted nor mentioned
Doug Henwood, Debbie Nathan, etc.  Until Lou brought them up, it
didn't even occur to me that we would have to debate the politics of
Doug, etc. in order to debate the question of how women should be
represented in Marxist writings.

My concern is squarely upon _the importance of not representing women
as merely "passive victims," whether they are Maquila workers or
prostitutes in poor nations_.  This feminist concern will _not_ go
away, _whether or not Doug Henwood or Debbie Nathan or all other
bogeymen for Lou exist in this world_.  In fact, I found it quite
annoying when Lou brought up Doug, which has had an effect of
_directing attention away from the question of representation of
women_.  Surely he can disagree with me without thinking of me as
Doug's proxy or something like that.  It is quite insulting to reduce
a woman to a man's mouthpiece.  As if I wouldn't say what I said
without my having been subbed to LBO-talk!

I don't mind not cross-posting, as I made clear.  However,
cross-posting or not, what I say here is essentially the same as what
I say on PEN-l or LBO-talk or local political e-lists, with the
exception that on other lists which are not specifically created to
become a space of debates among Marxists, I use much less Marxist


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