Debbie Nathan: Re: clarification

Yoshie Furuhashi furuhashi.1 at
Tue Dec 12 23:11:52 MST 2000


>Yoshie Furuhashi wrote:
>>  >The clear "line in the sand" that we should be drawing now >is that
>>  >between those who oppose capitalism & imperialism and >those who
>>  >oppose "globalization" while accepting the TINA.  And we >should be
>>  >drawing this line without sounding sectarian -- a difficult >task.
>>  >Yoshie
>I am *sure* the editor of NACLA report, Debbie Natan, whom you admire so much,
>will agree with you on the need to oppose  capitalism, imperialism and

I have never had an opportunity to debate anything with Debbie
Nathan, & the only thing I know about her is her articles on Maquila
labor, opposition to anti-immigrant militarization of the U.S.-Mexico
border, etc.  So while I don't mean to foreclose a possibility of
more areas of agreement between her and me, let's just say that I
don't expect her to agree with me on all other political positions
that I hold.  Nor do I expect complete agreement from you either,
which is no reason for you to think that I am your opponent on
everything.  In fact, between you and me, I should think that areas
of agreement must be far larger than areas of disagreement.
Actually, I don't know on what important questions you actually
disagree with me so much that you always have to reply to me in a
tone in which you do.  I've always found it rather baffling.

When you read magazines like _The Nation_, _NACLA_, etc., you need to
read selectively; the same goes for reading the New York Times, the
Financial Times, etc.  You take what you can from them, without
endorsing the overall political lines advocated by them respectively.


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