Solidarity Activism, Maquilas, & China

Ulhas Joglekar ulhasj at
Tue Dec 12 23:27:07 MST 2000

> So far, only China has been able to demand -- and to
> a certain extent bring about -- foreign investments in such a way
> that locally produced parts will be used for assembly work ("China's
> investment and industrial policies frequently include explicit
> provisions for technology transfers in the form of local content
> requirements, production export quotas, and/or collaboration in
> production, research or training" at
> <>), which is to the
> credit of the Chinese Communist Party & has annoyed the ruling class
> & governing elite of rich nations a great deal.

Even Indian policies require MNCs to commit themselves to local content,
export targets, dividend balancing etc. There is nothing exceptional about
Chinese polices.


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