Neither "Free Trade" nor Protectionism (was Re: Clarificationabout maquiladoras)

Yoshie Furuhashi furuhashi.1 at
Wed Dec 13 00:00:43 MST 2000

Mine wrote:

>the Marxian view that free
>trade capitalism impoverishes third world nations rather than developing

While "free trade" impoverishes third world nations, _protectionism &
economic sanctions against them_ have the same effect.  Therefore,
the point is to argue _against both_ when they are employed by rich
nations, no?  While Marxists are in favor of protectionist measures
_if employed by poor nations with a view toward national
development_, there is no merit in American protectionism at all.

Besides, rich nations' governments are not quite in favor of "free
trade" pure and simple.  Rich nations have & will employ
protectionist policies against poor nations (on issues ranging from
textile to steel).  They also subsidize their own farmers, etc.
especially for export, while forcing poor nations to eliminate such
subsidies.  When they say "free trade," they mainly mean the
liberalization of tariffs, duties, price regulations, investment
regulations, etc. that _poor nations_ have implemented.


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