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Louis Proyect wrote:

> Doug Henwood just unsubbed.

actually, I wondered in the first place how Doug Henwood suddenly *learnt* about
our debates here. Was it accidental?  It seems LBO  friends did an excellent job
of spying again.

> >A respected member of this list wrote me privately earlier in the afternoon
> that squabbles with Yoshie over matters not immediately germane to the list
> detract from the true purpose. All this started by a reference to
> maquiladoras that she probably knew would get me in a lather. While Yoshie
> knows how to rile me up, I am now instituting a new measure which will keep
> this to a minimum.
> >From now on, there will be no crossposting of threads from PEN-L or
> LBO-Talk. It is fine to cc marxism at and these lists if you
> have an interesting newspaper article that you want to see circulated, or
> if you write a movie review, etc. But from now on, threads wrenched in
> midstream from these other lists and crossposted here will lead to suspension.
> Louis Proyect
> Marxism mailing list:

I think it  is a very appropriate measure to suspend cross posting on this list. I
totally agree with your decision, Lou. It seems that some people are not used to
being moderated. They think that they can use this forum as a talk show as they
chat on LBO. When you showed your dedication of not running this serv as a chat
forum, they got emotionally upset, hence authoritative apology requests, political
credential survey, alarming Doug Henwood, etc.. Moreover,  I can perfectly
understand the private complaints you have received today. When I opened my mail
box, I just wanted to scream on top of my lungs because I  had 60 messages
touching upon the same issue on and on--Nathan's impressive feminist work, Doug's
committed journalism, emancipatory role of  maquiladoras for women etc. One must
really be a compulsive maniac to fabricate a topic and then create an anarchy on
this list. Sing of petty bourgeois sectarianism, I fear..

People should bear the consequences of their irresponsible actions! No free



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