Petty bourgeois secterianism: Re: Avoid Sectarianism & Opportunism (was Re: victimology)

james.daly james.daly at
Wed Dec 13 04:08:47 MST 2000

Yoshie wrote:

> >That said, without the emergence & development of >capitalism, there
> >would not have been any _movement_ for women's >emancipation, gay &
> >lesbian liberation, etc.

Mine wrote

So without capitalism, there is no liberation. This is a stagist position
charecteristic of mainstream modernization theory.

I agree with Mine.  Also, I think we cannot pontificate about undeveloped
historical possibilities.  Surely Marxism is not a fatalism?  Nor an
extension of the Whig interpretation of history, or of its German Hegelian
counterpart?  That kind of thinking has led British and local "Marxists'' in
the name of "progress" to support imperialism and loyalism against the Irish
struggle which Marx supported.  This was done most blatantly by the BICO
(British and Irish Communist Organisation), supported by and supporting Bill
Warren, author of *Imperialism The Pioneer of Capitalism*.  That was Walker
(pro-Unionist Independent Labour Party candidate, with what Connolly called
"gas and water socialism") in theory, Walker in practice.  The CPI and its
offshoots the so-called "Official" Republicans, Workers Party, Democratic
Left etc. were (when massively and disastrously influential) Connolly in
theory, Walker in practice.  "Our Marxists" have contributed greatly to the
present debacle in which the Orange Order ("our" KKK) is repudiating the
meagre gains of the peace process.

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