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    Thank you, Lou.

    You should know at least some --probably many-- members of this list
automatically skip over those threads, but that makes following the list
more tiresome and complicated.

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Doug Henwood just unsubbed.

A respected member of this list wrote me privately earlier in the afternoon
that squabbles with Yoshie over matters not immediately germane to the list
detract from the true purpose. All this started by a reference to
maquiladoras that she probably knew would get me in a lather. While Yoshie
knows how to rile me up, I am now instituting a new measure which will keep
this to a minimum.

>From now on, there will be no crossposting of threads from PEN-L or
LBO-Talk. It is fine to cc marxism at and these lists if you
have an interesting newspaper article that you want to see circulated, or
if you write a movie review, etc. But from now on, threads wrenched in
midstream from these other lists and crossposted here will lead to

Louis Proyect
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