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Wed Dec 13 10:35:48 MST 2000

Yoshie Furuhashi wrote:

> >In Columbus, Ohio, remnants of old Central American >solidarity
> >networks are still alive.  For instance, we have an active >chapter of
> >_Pastors for Peace_.  We've got a chapter of students against
> >sweatshops here also.  Greg, Joe, Mark, & I are trying to invite
> Michael Parenti to speak here on the poverty of so-called
> globalization.  Also, we'll be hosting a forum on humanitarian
> imperialism in January.  The PAN (Prisoners Advocacy Network) is
> going strong, as well.  A lot is going on here, though Columbus is by
> no means a hospitable place for left-wing politics.

Frankly, I don't know who Joe and Mark are, but we have the same student organizing
here. Not so surprising to me. Such campus activism is more or less the same
everywhere. Here, graduate student organizatiion has hosted a forum on sweathops,
living wages, women's movement in Latin America and poverty&globalization. The
campaign against sweatshops is still going on. Why don't you come and see?
Actually, our campus activities seem to be much better organized than yours. Mark,
Maria, Chris,Henrik&I have invited Palestinians living at Albany area and on campus
to a roundtable discussion on  Isreali oppression of Palestinians.

btw, don't get  lost in campus organizing or overstate it that much. Pay enough
attention to your Phd as well. Just a comradely advise.

>A lot is going on here, though Columbus is by
no means a hospitable place for left-wing politics.

I don't know so much about leftist politics at Ohio State if there is any, but let
me say that I have seen Columbus. It is the last place I would imagine to live. How
do you folks live there in winter? Midwest must suck during winter time. I can
imagine how summer time is. Are you plannig to stay there for the rest of your
life?  or just during your Phd?

> >I normally don't counsel folks for undertaking specific tasks,

Oh really?

> >for I
> >do not think that I am in a position to do so.

good observation!

> >have more chances to speak with women workers in >Maquilas, Mexican &
> >other organizers of various political persuasions, etc.

Before giving advise to Lou, have you ever been to Mexico? in maquiladora zones by



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