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Wed Dec 13 10:47:15 MST 2000

Yoshie Furuhashi wrote:

> >Xxxx says:
> >No free riding.
> >Actually, I agree with you.  Perhaps, the financing of this list
> >should be switched to either equal or pro-rated monetary
> >contribution, instead of us relying upon Lou's willingness to pay.

It is none of your busines to tell Lou what to do. He does not want to
run this list as you folks run LBO like a chat forum. We have to respect
his decision.  If you wanna reduce Lou's expenses, stop cross posting!

Moderation hurt some people, it seems.


> The list that is paid for by a private individual who is also the
> moderator probably can't be a truly open space accommodating
> productive -- as opposed to destructive -- disagreements.  I've felt
> the same on _both here & LBO-talk_.  One can't disagree with the
> owner-moderator & still feel welcome.  And no wonder -- who wants to
> subsidize those who criticize any of the cherished views of your own.
> PEN-l appears to come with less arbitrary ad-hoc rules, for the
> moderator Michael Perelman mainly moderates it in order to keep the
> list free from flaming & (if possible) make it live up to the list's
> purpose (which is to encourage debates among progressive economists
> on matters economic, I think), since in the sense of private
> ownership he really doesn't own it.
> Yoshie


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