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Michael Hoover hoov at SPAMfreenet.tlh.fl.us
Wed Dec 13 12:18:40 MST 2000

forwarded by Michael Hoover

> The movement to achieve peace in Vieques has garnered
> wide national and international support.  This
> movement has existed for decades, but gained
> widespread consensus following the death of David
> Sanes Rodriguez, who was killed by a U.S. Navy bomb in
> Vieques on April 19, 1999.
> At this moment we face a critical juncture:  The
> victory of George W. Bush as President of the United
> States, and Dick Cheney as Vice President, only
> promises to make things even more difficult for the
> movement to get the U.S. Navy to stop bombing and
> leave Vieques.  That is why it is critical that, in
> the next few weeks left in President Clinton's
> presidency, he exercise his constitutional authority
> as Commander-in-Chief and issue an Executive Order
> ordering the immediate and permanent cease and desist
> of the bombing and of all military activities in
> Vieques.
> The time is now.  In order to achieve this, the people
> of Vieques are calling on all the politicians and
> leaders who have promised in the past to intervene and
> intercede with the White House to ACT NOW.
> The newly-elected representatives in Puerto Rico,
> including the new Governor, Resident Commissioner, and
> Mayor of Vieques, as well as the Presidents of the
> three political parties in the island and civic and
> religious leaders, have recently called on President
> Clinton to issue that Executive Order.  However, we
> are asking the Democratic politicians,
> labor and religious leaders and others, in the United
> States, to keep the promises they made to the people
> of Vieques.  We are asking them to act now and,
> through a meeting or conference call with the
> President and the First Lady, or through whatever
> means and channels they have, demand now that
> President Clinton issue that Executive Order in the
> coming weeks.
> Waiting to act on their promises until we have a
> Republican White House won't do much good.  We are
> demanding that they act now, that they call on the
> First Lady of the United States to do all she can now
> to get the bombing in Vieques to permanently stop, and
> that they call on President Clinton to issue that
> Executive Order.   We are calling on these influential
> Democratic councilmembers, labor leaders and religious
> leaders, including people like Dennis Rivera and the
> Rev. Jesse Jackson, to use their influence and their
> power to act NOW, under the Clinton White House.  We
> are confident that they will not let our people down.
> Robert Rabin
> Committee for the Rescue and Development of Vieques,
> Vieques, Puerto Rico
> Carlos Zenon
> President
> Fishermens' Association of Vieques
> Vieques, Puerto Rico
> (More signatures from representatives of other Vieques
> organizations
> are
> being gathered)

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