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Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Wed Dec 13 12:21:42 MST 2000

Hi Lou:

A few words on the "moderator's note" discussion.

I realize that this list is in fact Lou's personal property, and he pays
the bills.

I welcome the chance to read the things posted here, and to have Lou post
things here himself.

I look at this as a discussion in Lou's living room, among people he has

If Lou wants to keep people coming back for more, he has to guarantee that
the tone and the content don't get too crazy.

Lately I think he has been a little lax on the tone side of the discussion.

If somebody on this list wants to set up something that is a collectively
owned and organized list, with elections and everything, they should
propose it.

It would be certainly a more Leninist way to run a list, a more democratic
way to run a list - but also a lot more work, money and responsibility for
people other than Lou.

Maybe, Lou should be the one who proposes it!


Louis Proyect
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