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>Lately I think he has been a little lax on the tone side of the discussion.

This is true. Since this list is generally fairly well-behaved, I don't
mind allowing people to yell and scream at each other every once in a
while. It is therapeutic. The only thing is when I say STOP, it is time to
STOP. I said STOP today and I meant it. I like to think of my role here as
a bartender, who likes to drink from his side of the bar. On a saturday
night I might be surrounded by drunks yelling at each other, but when I
tell somebody or the group that they've been cut off, that's it. The booze
stops flowing.

>If somebody on this list wants to set up something that is a collectively
>owned and organized list, with elections and everything, they should
>propose it.

Sure, why not. I'd even include it on the Marxism website links page.

>It would be certainly a more Leninist way to run a list, a more democratic
>way to run a list - but also a lot more work, money and responsibility for
>people other than Lou.

I encourage everybody and anybody who wants to start a new list to do so.
You can consult the Workers World people, who currently host a bevy of
Marxist email groups or start one on egroups as John Lacny did when he got
fed up with the pro-Serb sentiment here. As a rule of thumb, if you find
yourself gnashing your teeth at the average post here, it might be time to
look elsewhere. I don't think that the basic agenda is going to change here
anytime soon. I am not running this list as a "Leninist" list, but in the
spirit of Mariategui's salon on sunday afternoons in Lima in the 1920s.
People hung out, drank tea and discussed/debated politics. Out of that came
the Peruvian Communist Party, but it would be presumptuous for me to speak
in the same terms of our discussions here. All I am interested in doing for
the next twenty years is building up the subscription base of the list and
attracting the smartest and most independent minded Marxists from around
the world. People like Anthony, in other words.

>Maybe, Lou should be the one who proposes it!

Yes, by all means! Wine for my friends and water for their horses!

Louis Proyect
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